Job fields in India are growing and opening up new doors of opportunity for students. Management based jobs are becoming particularly favorite of students in India and abroad. Company secretary course is playing a major role in providing the best education to students so that they can find a place in this competitive market.

Here we are going to discuss about the syllabus of this course.

New Syllabus

Institute of company secretaries is the sole organization that is in command of supervising the quality of education and modifying it to the highest level. Therefore, after a long research and development, they have finally found an education routine that can improve the education structure regarding this course. This new syllabus was effective from 1st February 2012. All examinations for this course are followed through this new routine.

One of the new features of this syllabus is Optical Marks Recognition system, which can measure the educational prowess of students through objective based questions.

Self-study is playing a major role in the new syllabus of company secretary course. Students can go through self-study and appear in the examination. Here is a list of papers that appears in the examination.

·  Business Environment

·  Business Management

·  Business Economics

·  Entrepreneurship

·  Ethics & Communication

·  Fundamentals of Accounting

·   Auditing

These papers measure up the educational qualification of students and help them to understand the function of this course and figure out how it can improve corporate business.

Benefits of This Course

This course helps students to understand the educational value, behind using secretarial tricks to develop a business organization. It creates awareness in the students about what is going on and how to manage all aspects of business. Company secretary course improves their analyzing skill and help them to assist in business dealings through communication and entrepreneurship skills.

So, the bottom line is, this course is obviously the new way through which every student can reach their potential.

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